World Entrepreneurship Day 2022: A day to celebrate hard work and success

21st August is being observed to create awareness among the budding entrepreneurs about innovation and leadership.

World Entrepreneurship Day 2022

The world celebrates Entrepreneurship Day to recognise and appreciate entrepreneurs all around the world. It marks the achievements and efforts of entrepreneurs who give blood and sweat to their businesses and shows an ecosystem of employers and employees.

Entrepreneurship can be a tough & long path, gruelling on!!! says Chinu Kala, an entrepreneur who founded an emerging jewellery brand, Rubans Accessories.

Commenting on entrepreneurship, she says entrepreneurship is littered with false starts and failures and tends to trigger a rollercoaster of emotions there will be setbacks but it’s important to always bounce back.

She suggests three ways in which people can set themselves up to confront any impediments in business;

• Prioritization- Understanding those tasks at hand that needs higher attention and those that need lower is the key to facing any obstacle

• Make your plan- Challenges are what make the life of an entrepreneur strong and you ought to continuously know that it can come by any means, by having your own plan you get to have control over what’s next.

• Time Management – Though prioritization and Time administration are frequently interlinked, overseeing time gives you super control over hindsight of what has happened

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“This was my mantra & being agile, which helped me to deliver better, which means working in a lightweight, the highly responsive way so that you deliver your product or services in the way the customer wants and at that time the customer needs them & I hope this will inspire you in your business and personal goals,” Kala recited the story of her entrepreneurial journey.