World Entrepreneur Day 2023: Entrepreneurs talk about the importance of entrepreneurship

From the realms of technology to sustainable solutions, diverse voices from entrepreneurs across industries echo the resounding impact of their ventures.


“Entrepreneurship is not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.” – Richard Branson.

In a world brimming with technological advancements, economic shifts, and global challenges, entrepreneurs are pioneers of change, driving innovation and shaping the course of industries. Our country is remarkably sewing the fabric of corporations with entrepreneurship, having over 76 million entrepreneurs. 

As per Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) India Report (21-22), India’s entrepreneurial activity expanded in 2021, with its Total Entrepreneurial Activity rate(percentage of adults (aged 18–64) who are starting or running a new business) increased to 14.4 per cent in 2021, up from 5.3 per cent in 2020.

On this World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2023, we gather to celebrate the spirit of enterprise that transcends boundaries and inspires us all to push the boundaries of possibility. From the realms of technology to sustainable solutions, diverse voices from entrepreneurs across industries echo the resounding impact of their ventures.

Sharing his views, Co-founder and CEO of CoinSwitch, Ashish Singhal says, “Every entrepreneurial journey is a unique path, characterized by failures and relentless effort. Learning from these setbacks and maintaining unwavering determination embody the essence of entrepreneurship.” 

“I believe success is a moving target, and never overnight. What you build in the bear market will be ready for growth when the tide turns. Hard times create strong individuals, and tough markets shape great products, Singhal added. 

Highlighting the importance of this day, Rajesh Uttamchandani, Director at Syska Group spoke to us. He said, “World Entrepreneur’s Day is an opportunity to recognize the innovative spirit and strong leadership embodied by entrepreneurs across the globe. It is a day to celebrate the forward-looking individuals who embarked on inspiring entrepreneurial journeys and, through their tireless efforts, forged thriving enterprises from the ground up. The revolutionary ideas and products they have conceived continue to enrich our lives and shape our collective future.”

Pavan Ponnappa from eBay, 4shares, “We stand proud as a partner in the cross-border e-commerce endeavours of our sellers. Today, as we honour the spirit of entrepreneurs across the world, we reaffirm eBay’s commitment to fostering an inclusive global marketplace that strives to connect people and build communities to create economic opportunity for all.”

Talking on what entrepreneurship looks like, CEO and Co-founder of RAMP Global, Amit Kumar told, “Entrepreneurship is full of challenges and opportunities which give a chance to us to contribute to society. It’s a dedication that crafts a future illuminated by our vision. Let’s inscribe this fact in our hearts as we begin today’s celebration: every great endeavour begins with a bold dream.”

“Reshaping an industry starts from the courageous, decisive, and unyielding spirits, as we honour the very essence of entrepreneurship. On this occasion, we acknowledge not just individuals, but the force that propels humanity toward progress. To all who dream and dare, Happy Entrepreneur’s Day. Together, let’s spark a conflagration of change,” Kumar added.

Entrepreneurship is full of challenges as, Kishan Jain, Director at Goldmedal Electricals says, “Entrepreneurs face challenges with unyielding determination, embrace risk with optimism and navigate uncertainty to achieve their goals. They inspire us all with their work ethic and enrich our business landscape through their spirited efforts. We applaud these visionary individuals for their immense contribution to the nation’s growth story.”

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