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Why women entrepreneurs get less funding opportunities explains; Priyanka Madnani, CEO Easy to Pitch

The startup world is a tough ecosystem to access for any individual, with multiple barriers and hurdles. While for most entrepreneurs, lack of funds is a barrier to start a new venture but for women, that’s just one of the many stumbling blocks that they have to face. The South Asian nation has as many as 16 million women-owned businesses, fewer than 20 percent of all enterprises, with most of them largely single-person operations, out of which only 8% get funding. During the pandemic, disruptions have disproportionately impacted women entrepreneurs and their businesses. More than 73% of women entrepreneurs have been hit by the crisis, with nearly 20% seeing their revenue wiped out.

Even in cases where businesses did not see an immediate decline in revenue, growth has remained fairly muted, according to a new report, Can Covid-19 be the Turning Point for Women Entrepreneurs in India. While, studies also show that women-owned firms have better company ethics, high value and limpidity.

Priyanka Madnani, Founder, Easy to Pitch, a women entrepreneur herself explains ‘why funding women run business is equally important,’ and the following:

  • Why do women get less funding ?
  • Experience of pitching to investors.
  • Importance of women entrepreneurship.
  • Tips to consider for an investment pitch for 100% conversion.
  • Funding norms changed in the new normal?

Unlocking entrepreneurship amongst women in India is a complex effort, but it is one that provides an unprecedented opportunity to change the economic and social trajectory of India and its women for generations to come. Startup incubators can play a decisive role and take efforts in ensuring parity and prosperity for women entrepreneurs at a larger scale.


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