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Reliance JioMeet App review: Everything you need to know about the free video conferencing app

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic struck, Zoom has been taking over the world of video conferencing. Though many other companies realized the emergence of digital meets, and they have started offering or improving their own video calling services be it Google Meet, Duo, Microsoft Teams or others. The Indian telecommunications giant Reliance Jio also wanted a slice of the cake and has launched its own approach to video conferencing, called the “JioMeet” app.

So, if you have been using Zoom, you’ll almost certainly feel right at home on JioMeet as well in wake of its interface, text strings, and UX conventions which are heavily inspired from the video calling king Zoom.

The Jio meet app offers an enterprise-grade host controls. You can sign up with your phone number or email ID, which is completely free for now unlike Zoom which locks away some features behind a subscription.

JioMeet supports direct calls i.e. 1:1 calling as well as hosting meetings with up to 100 participants with password-protection and in 720p HD quality. In fact, you can create unlimited meetings per day with call duration lasting up to 24 hours.

The app also supports multi-device login support, on up to five devices, and you can seamlessly switch between devices while on a call. There is also a feature called Safe Driving Mode, as well as standard features like screen sharing and waiting rooms.

The JioMeet app is available on Android, iOS and the usual desktop operating systems. So now all you need to do is sign up for JioMeet and start using the free of cost desi version of Zoom.


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