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Elyments App review: Everything you need to know about the made in India social media app

Many apps are being developed similar to TikTok after its ban in India. It might be difficult to find the best Indian Apps. So, to help you out here comes the Made in India social media app called Elyments which is 100 percent indigenous.

The Elyments’ aim is to integrate and display the functionality of common social media apps on a single, streamlined framework. Elyments is a social media app, an instant messaging app, and a voice and video communication device, all clubbed together into one.

The app is available in over eight Indian languages. You can create and post unforgettable updates in real-time, bring your picture game to the next level with built-in filters. In fact, you can keep up-to-date with your circle ‘s activities and keep abreast of the latest events and news from around the world.

Elyments has been constructed with the privacy of the user in mind as a primary concern. So now download the made in india Elyments App in your phone from Google Play Store or App Store.


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