PM Modi hails economic growth figures 2022-23, says they show resilience

PM Modi tweets about economic growth performance, stating that optimism and macroeconomic indicators reflect the growth trajectory

PM Modi hails economic growth of India

With economic growth estimated at 7.2 per cent for 2022-23, more than the advanced estimates of 7 per cent, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday expressed satisfaction over the GDP growth figures.

“The 2022-23 GDP growth figures underscore the resilience of the Indian economy amid global challenges,” he tweeted.

He added that “this robust performance along with overall optimism and compelling macro-economic indicators exemplify the promising trajectory of our economy and the tenacity of our people”.

Though the GDP growth of 7.2 per cent for 2022-23 is higher than the advanced estimates, it is much lower than the 9.1 per cent growth seen in 2021-22.

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