Transforming CX in automotive sector with extended reality

The company is on its way to becoming a global leader in the XR industry. Founded in 2016, today it is at the forefront of making immersive technology accessible to all and leverage its potential for enterprises. is a leading company in the extended reality (XR) industry. With its roots in AR-Commerce, has come a long way since its inception in 2016. SME Futures spoke to the company’s CEO and Founder, Kanav Singla, an IIT-Delhi alumnus, to know more about his mission to help enterprises adopt AR-Commerce, enabling them to showcase their products in AR and drive better engagement and conversions through it. The company’s broader vision is to make immersive technology accessible to all and leverage its potential for enterprises. Today, the company has evolved into a versatile platform that offers various immersive applications, including game engines, virtual worlds, and virtual test drives.

What’s’s history started when it was called Adloid. It was founded in 2016 with the mission to help enterprises adopt AR-Commerce. The company offered a solution that enabled enterprises to showcase their products in AR and drive better engagement and conversions through it. As time passed, the company ventured into other verticals like creating virtual showrooms for brands and immersive retail-store applications including VR and expanded its platform capabilities to support a variety of applications around immersive technology.

Kanav Singla, the company’s CEO and Founder, says, “One of the biggest challenges in extended reality (XR) technology is the high cost associated with developing immersive experiences, especially for smaller businesses. Additionally, there are still limitations with the technology itself, such as the need for specialised hardware and the potential for motion sickness for some users.”

Despite these challenges, the potential for XR technology to revolutionise industries and enhance customer experiences is undeniable. And is at the forefront of this movement, working to make immersive technology accessible to all.

Pioneering extended reality (XR) in the automotive industry is pioneering the use of extended reality (XR) technology in the automotive industry. The company specialises in creating immersive experiences using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) technology. Its mission is to make immersive technology accessible to all, and it is achieving this goal by pushing the boundaries of XR technology and creating everyday applications that can be adopted by brands.

“Extended reality (XR) technology offers incredible opportunities for the automotive industry. These include virtual test drives, design and visualization, training and education, remote assistance, customer experiences, and safety and validation. At, we are working on use cases pertaining to customer experiences and training with plans to explore others in the future,” says Singla.

“XR tech enables virtual test drives, improves safety validation for autonomous driving by simulating realistic environments, identifying risks, and optimising algorithms. It’s cost-effective, scalable, and efficient for testing and validating autonomous driving systems, leading to safer and more reliable autonomous vehicles,” he further points out.

Also Read: Indian Mompreneurs: Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship is working on several exciting projects that leverage XR technology to transform the automotive industry. One such project is a virtual showroom for MG Motor, which allows customers to explore the company’s cars in a fully immersive environment. The virtual showroom is inventory-less and relies entirely on XR technology, allowing MG Motor to reduce costs and offer a more engaging and personalised customer experience. is also working with Mahindra, another leading automotive company, to create a virtual test drive experience. The virtual test drive leverages XR technology to provide a realistic driving experience, allowing customers to test drive Mahindra’s cars in various scenarios, including off-road and high-speed driving. This allows Mahindra to reduce the need for physical test drives, saving time and resources while providing a more engaging and personalised experience to its customers.
From the Left Prashant Sinha, Co-founder & CRO, Shorya Mahajan Co-Founder, COO and Kanav CEO & Founder,

XR technology enhances customer experience

Singla shares one of’s success stories about their strategic partnership with MG Motor.

“We have stitched a strategic partnership with MG Motor to transform the automaker’s customer experiences across all channels — web, app, and in-store. MG Motor will leverage our flagship automotive platform, Autodome, in redefining its customer experiences across channels, captivating its consumers, staying relevant to the new-age buyer, and advancing its future-driven positioning in the industry,” Singla tells us.

He further adds, “ has created an inventory-less dealership experience with MG Motor, leveraging immersive technologies like AR, VR, and Gamification, to provide a delightful experience to modern consumers in malls without the use of an actual car. The pilot programme in Chennai and Mumbai will soon be scaled across prime locations in India, providing cost-effective engagement and retail conversion.”

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Additionally, the company has built an expansive virtual world for MG Motor, featuring an avatar zone and a multi-car showroom with a 3D configurator and virtual test drives, and even a digital twin of the MG pavilion at Auto Expo 2023, all accessible through the MGVerse platform.

Future plans and roadmap has ambitious plans for the future. According to Singla, the company aims to become a leading global player in the XR industry, providing end-to-end immersive solutions to businesses of all sizes.

“We want to be the go-to destination for immersive technology solutions for businesses worldwide,” says Singla. “We are constantly expanding our platform’s capabilities to support a variety of applications around immersive technologies, including game engines and cloud streaming. Our goal is to create an entire ecosystem around XR technology that enables businesses to enhance customer experiences and drive growth,” he adds.

In the coming years, plans to continue expanding its platform’s capabilities and investing in research and development to stay ahead of the curve. The company is also planning to expand its presence globally and forge new partnerships to bring immersive technology solutions to businesses around the world.

Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology, has helped companies like MG Motor, Asian Paints, and Sugar Cosmetics enhance their customer experiences and drive growth. And with some ambitious plans for the future, is well on its way to becoming a global leader in the XR industry.

The term extended reality (XR) is now used to refer to all immersive technologies, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR), which changes how we perceive reality by fusing the actual and virtual worlds.

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“XR is merely price for some, but for others, it represents the future of true technical advancement. For instance, the use of XR overlay projections in image-guided surgery may increase surgeon control and tool positioning. Our devices bring us closer to people who are geographically far away — but separate us from those who are geographically nearby. Use this insight as a guideline to use technology mindfully. When you are physically present with others: Separate yourselves from your screens,” asserts Singla as he signs off.

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