Labour ministry data: 3557 workers affected by lay-offs across India between January and June

Only 3557 workers were affected by lay-offs across India between January and June this year.


As per the labour ministry’s provisional data only 3557 workers were affected by lay-offs across India between January and June this year. Out of the above mentioned numbers, 1748 workers getting impacted in the first quarter of the current fiscal which was also the three months of lockdown in the current fiscal.

As per a written reply by the labour minister Santosh Gangwar in Rajya Sabha on Monday, this is a miniscule compared to 16,161 jobs lost in the corresponding six months of the last calendar year shows.

Asper the labour minister, the labour bureau brings out statistics on industrial disputes, closures, retrenchments and lay-offs in India, based on the voluntary returns received every month from the labour departments of the states and the regional labour commissioner(Central).

The Indian Constitution says that labours falls under the concurrent list; as such the central government and the state governments are competent to enact legislations in their respective jurisdictions, the minister said.

“In order to protect the interest of the workers, the office of chief labour commissioner (Central) conducts inspections from time to time through its regional offices under various labour laws in respect of establishments falling under the central sphere to ensure that statutory provisions are implemented,” minister said, adding legal actions are initiated as per law in case of any violation of aforesaid laws.

As per the statement, the ministry of labour and employment has the mandate to protect and safeguard the interests of workers with due regard to creating a healthy work environment for higher production and productivity and to provide social security to the labour force.


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