“They’re stronger & shouldn’t let anyone discourage them”: Mompreneurs

On the occasion of International and National Daughters’ Day, these mother entrepreneurs give billion-dollar advice to their daughters or budding entrepreneurs.

International Daughters' Day

“Women have made significant progress toward workplace equality, but there is still much more to be done. And there’s no better time than now to start building your daughter’s strength and teaching her the skills she’ll need to succeed in her career,” says a working mother. 

It is the fourth Sunday of September, a day to acknowledge, show love, honour and celebrate Daughters, the International Daughters’ Day. As International Daughters’ Day falls on the fourth Sunday of every September ever since 1932, it is celebrated on different days across the globe. 

However, it is the day for a double celebration for Indians this year, as both International and National Daughters’ Day 2022 fell on the same day, i.e., September 25th. 

This day symbolises the equality, empowerment, and acceptance of the daughters as it was conceptualised to end the discrimination and unacceptance toward the girl child over the boy. In the modern world, it also brings an opportunity to all parent entrepreneurs across the globe to encourage and guide their daughters towards achieving their goals in their respective careers be it services or entrepreneurship. 

The day for parents too, to celebrate the learnings, the entrepreneurial journey, failures and success of their daughters or budding entrepreneurs- ‘Daughterpreneurs’. On this auspicious day, SME Futures spoke to a few mother entrepreneurs- Mompreneures, about what they have to say to their dear daughters who all are aspiring strong personalities. 

The CEO and President at PM Relocations Pvt. Ltd., Aakanksha Bhargava wants to pass on the lessons to her daughter just like her father taught her, as she says, “May it be the uninvited challenges in life or the judgements of society, I would always want her to bloom and make the most of what her heart tells her to do. I’d tell her every time that it is important to stay happy and at peace, no matter what life throws at you. One must always keep progressing and choose love and compassion over everything else.” 

“There wouldn’t be anything as fulfilling for me as to see my daughter chasing what her heart desires. I would always want her to excel in whatever she puts her mind to with extreme determination and nothing to discourage her,” She wishes for her daughter. 

Not just her own daughter, Bhargava wishes for and advises all budding entrepreneurs who might be finding a direction, to begin with, but may not have enough funds or enough resources to kick-start with what their heart wants to pursue.

She added, “I would want them to realise you can always start with less and grow bit by bit. You don’t need numerous backups or loads of money to start with. All you need is the right intent, and the blessings are meant to follow!” 

Pooja Pathak, the Founder & Director at Media Mantra, advises her daughter, “to remain passionate about the work you do. Don’t ever be scared of multi-tasking since it will only open up more avenues for you as a professional. Lastly, have a strong support system who will forever be there for you through thick and thin.” 

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Not just entrepreneurship, sometimes to start something of your own, you also need to work as an employee and do a job to pursue your dreams. As a working mother, the AGM-HR at Media Mantra, Prerna Chauhan advises her daughter, “To look for opportunities to show compassion and generosity and to do the right thing even when it is difficult. Lastly, ignore critics who appear to revel in your stumbles because you are strong enough to handle them to face it all.” 

“In order to succeed as a young entrepreneur, you should always be open to new ideas and should never be afraid to share them. You should love and accept yourself, this will always boost your self-confidence, which is crucial for young entrepreneurs throughout their journey,” suggests Deepti Agrawal, CFO/Director, Codestore Technologies.

There are not just good wishes that Daughterpreneurs need, they also need to understand some hard truths and conventions of leading any business. While speaking on those, Agrawal says, “Not everything will go according to plan; however, consume content wisely and you may not always be a victim. It is always okay to take a break, you should spend time with your loved ones as well.”

“It is imperative that every business owner realizes the value of relationships with employees, especially those who are crucial to a company’s success. The networking component is important since you must establish connections with other businesses or individuals,” she adds. 

With all such great advice and wishes, there are things, every entrepreneur be it a girl or a boy, needs to remember.

“Every aspiring entrepreneur should remember that they are stronger than they think, they are enough, and they shouldn’t let anyone discourage them,” Agarwal signs off. 

A daughter is someone who takes the legacies to three generations, as they say, hence it is quite important and virtuous to educate, guide, and support the daughters of the world, to achieve what their heart asks for. With this, SME Fututers wishes a very happy Daughters’ Day to all strong and beautiful daughters out there. 

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“Do what you love, and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.” – Meg Whitman, US ambassador to Kenya, an American business executive and former gubernatorial candidate for California.

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