India can surpass 500 GW renewable energy target before 2030: Official

MNRE Additional Secretary feels that India’s RE target of 500 GW will be easily surpass ahead of time

India to pass 500 GW RE target before 2030

India can easily surpass the 500 GW renewable energy target before 2030, a senior official said on Wednesday. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Additional Secretary Sudeep Jain said that India has the 4th largest installed capacity for renewable energy.

“500 GW we will easily surpass ahead of time. We have been surpassing a lot of NDCs (Nationally Determined Contribution) before time,” the official said.

As India strives towards its net-zero goals, the official emphasised that a major role is to be played to create awareness for new technologies concerning green hydrogen.

“For the green hydrogen mission the target is 10 MMT (Million Metric Tonnes) and 125 GW is needed just to power that and we are confident we’ll be fulfilling that,” he said.

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