Hiring in IT sector picking momentum; salary levels move up by 30%

Increase in demand for Contractual and Full-time positions in Big Corporates in IT gives a kick-off to the sector.

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The IT-industry is showing fast and promising signs of recovery and is witnessing a better reflection on India. The sector is breathing life back into recruitments in various positions. 

“We see a sharp rebound in IT positions across many skills and technologies. Candidates are getting multiple offers and the salary levels have moved up too by about 30 per cent. We don’t see the usual dip in hiring which is prevalent around December and January this year and we welcome this change,” says Ravi Kumar Aleti, CEO, People Prime Worldwide Pvt Ltd, (The Boston Group Company), a staffing company specialized in Contract and Full-time hiring in Information Technology and Investment Banking.

“Considering the past few months, till September where we hardly scored a few recruitments, but the months of October and November saw a surge of over 300 to 400 vacancies individually by IT Companies,” adds Aleti. 

Large companies are hiring for contractual and full-time positions in a big way. Most of the companies in India have embraced work from home, which is an added advantage.

Among the several contributing factors to the spike in hiring, immigration restrictions have been a major one and India is an advantage because of cost-saving benefits. As the world economic powers battled out the restrictions put forth by various Government agencies to curb the virus, it was a step back for the business world. It only proved to be the shot in the arm that the business world needed.

The impending digitalization of the business world was in-fact, hastened by the lockdown. The digital transformation which was once the forte of IT companies is now adapted by every domain, regardless the scale of business. When more companies look the IT way, it translates into more opportunities for the IT companies and personnel.

Be it the recession or pandemic, Information Technology has also been the first to bounce back. During the COVID-19 outbreak, employees’ access to work premises was negatively affected, and the grounding of flights brought restrictions on International movement too.

The only solution was the implementation of the ‘work from home’ method of work. This in-turn boosted demand for technology wares such as VPN solutions, cybersecurity, bandwidth upgrades to the Network and Cloud Architecture and more employees needing a company PC to work from. Though recruitments took a few months pause, the industry never slept even during a pandemic.

In the current scenario, there has been high demand in areas of AI, Robotics Process Automation, Salesforce, Full Stack Developer, Cloud technologies, and API Based integration. The sectors that saw a boom in hiring include Information Technology (Start-ups, Large Indian Software Giants, and IT Product companies), BFS, Pharma, and Automobile.

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