Govt should focus on public policy framework: Amitabh Kant

Addressing a Summit, Amitabh Kant said govt’s job is laying public policy framework and it should focus on health, education and nutrition

govt should focus on public policy says Amitabh Kant

NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said it is the private sector’s job to create wealth and the government should focus on laying down public policy framework. Addressing ‘GovTech Summit 2022’, Kant further said India needs a very simple, efficient, and transparent government.

“The government’s job should be laying down public policy framework, it is the private sector’s job to create wealth. The only other areas where the government should be are health, education and nutrition,” he said.

Talking about the digital economy, Kant said India is at the cusp of a very important transformation and the whole process of digitisation has been a transformational journey.

“If eastern parts of India digitises fully and makes governance very easy, then eastern part of India will actually become a very responsive government,” he said, adding that these states are full of mineral resources. The NITI Aayog CEO also stressed that data-driven governance is the key to good governance.