G20 Summit sparks delivery service shutdown & commercial disruption

The ban on deliveries in the New Delhi, will have a significant impact on platform and gig workers and delivery executives who rely on this work as their source of income, says President of India SME Forum.


As the G20 Summit approaches, New Delhi is gearing up for an event of global significance. However, the anticipation of world leaders converging on the Indian capital has brought about unprecedented security measures, causing a ripple effect on the lives of its residents and local businesses.

In an effort to ensure the safety and smooth functioning of the G20 Summit, the Delhi Police have imposed strict restrictions that will disrupt regular commercial activities in the New Delhi district from the 8th to the 10th of September 2023. These restrictions include a complete shutdown of all delivery services and non-essential commercial work, with the exception of medical services.

While the need for enhanced security during such an event is undeniable, these measures are causing concern among local businesses and residents who rely on delivery services for their daily needs. Restaurant owners, e-commerce platforms, and other businesses dependent on timely deliveries are particularly feeling the pinch.

Reacting to the current issue raised by the restrictions, here is what industry experts have to say. Dr Aruna Sharma, IAS (retd.) and Secretary General of FIRST said, “Owing to constrained mobility within the New Delhi district, it is anticipated that there will be an increase in the demand for food delivery and various other services. This circumstance will notably affect cloud kitchens, as they predominantly operate on a delivery-centric model, particularly during a period when they have the potential to serve a worldwide audience, offering a glimpse of local culinary offerings.”

She further added, “Furthermore, even time-sensitive e-commerce deliveries are likely to be adversely affected, thereby diminishing the satisfaction of consumers who have paid premiums for priority services. Additionally, this situation will directly impact the livelihoods of gig workers, who typically rely on daily assignments for their income.”

Speaking on the same issue, the President of India SME Forum, and Trustee and president at FIRST India, Vinod Kumar, expressed, “The ban on deliveries in the New Delhi district will have a significant impact on platform and gig workers and delivery executives who rely on this work as their source of income.”

“With the retail shops being shut down during the G20 Summit and the expected influx of visitors, delivery services will be of prime importance for the delivery of goods and banning this will severely inconvenience the consumers as well as sellers, who could normally cater to their customers, through home delivery,” he added.

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