Dr. Mahesh Gupta

Dr. Mahesh Gupta

Dr. Mahesh Gupta

Chairman & Managing Director, Kent R O Systems

Mr. Mahesh Gupta, a first generation entrepreneur, is known worldwide for revolutionizing
the water purification industry in India. He is the Founder-Chairman of Kent RO Systems
Ltd., India’s leading water Purifier Company.

Mr. Gupta, an IIT graduate from Kanpur in Mechanical Engineering and an alumni of Indian
Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun, began his early career in 1978 with prestigious IOCL. In
1988 he bid goodbye to the oil sector giant and with a minimal seed capital at his disposal,
ventured into the business of manufacturing instruments for oil testing and checking its
pilferage. He went commercial under the brand name KENT OIL METERS which went on to
be a successful business.

In 1998, Mr. Mahesh Gupta entered the health care segment and launched the first domestic
RO water purifier. He started the company from a scratch and competing with the leading
national & international brands, Kent RO Systems Ltd. is today the leading and most
dynamic water purifier company in India, commanding a market share of about 40% in RO
water purifier segment.

In recognition of his contribution to the water purification industry, he is known as the PURE
WATER MAN of India.Mr. Gupta has also been conferred upon by an Honorary Doctorate
degree by Sri Sri University Orissa, for his contribution in providing safe and healthy drinking
water in Rural and Urban areas.

Mr. Mahesh Gupta has more than half a dozen patent technologies to his credit, a
manifestation to his passion for technological quest and an innovative bent of mind.With
ambitious growth plan, innovative marketing strategies and state-of-the-art technology, Mr.
Gupta is today a man on fast track.

A little known fact about Mr. Gupta is his inclination towards spirituality. He is a disciple of Sri
Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, has been an active member of the Art of Living family. He has always
been eager to give back something substantial to the humanity. Recently he adapted 8
backward villages with a commitment to provide clean water and build toilets for improving
conditions of sanitation.

Mr. Gupta also takes out time to guide young minds and channelize their energy in right
direction, through guest lectures at several MBA institutes and entrepreneurship
development programs. He has also opted to be a mentor under the IIT Alumni Association.
He also spearheads PHD Chamber of Commerce as its President. PHD is a proactive and
dynamic organization working at the grass-root level and with strong national and
international linkages and playing a role as a catalyst in the promotion of industry, trade and