Empowering MSMEs: Vyaparify’s 15-minute solution is revolutionary for business growth

Vyaparify’s innovative subscription model bridges the gap between traditional and digital commerce, empowering MSMEs to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

vyaparify empowering MSMEs

Change is the only constant in the corporate world. Even conventional firms and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) now understand the significance of technology in this fast-changing market.

Only 5 per cent of India’s 65 million MSMEs, however, have a website.

This represents a significant digital divide, which is especially concerning given that 80 per cent of offline sales begin with online queries. Hindavi Men’s Wear of Pune and Bodke Cycles of Chinchwad were two such firms that wanted to foray into online marketing but didn’t know where to begin.

Fortunately, a Mumbai-based start-up, Vyaparify, has developed a 15-minute solution for bridging this very gap between offline and online commerce which will empower local MSMEs by assisting them on their digital shift journeys.

Hindavi Men’s wear has a celebrity clientele. Their goal was to target local celebrities and Vyaparify assisted them in reaching their target audience by sharing the company’s complete information on a single template that their potential clients could simply read. Similarly, Bodke Cycles wanted to use a new marketing strategy to expand their business in the international market and Vyaparify helped them do that by highlighting their services via their microsite algorithm.

“We help such businesses to cohabit in a space with big brands and promote their businesses outside of their locality and into territories beyond their borders,” says Founder Ruby Jain.

The platform allows MSMEs to create their digital presence effortlessly, from mini websites to simplified chat support, consolidating their online identities across various platforms like social media and e-commerce giants.

Addressing MSME’s challenges

Vyaparify’s founder comes from a banking and finance background and has witnessed the industry’s transition from manual to digital over the last two decades. Consequently, she possesses a deep understanding of the significance of having a digital presence for growth.

“Many businesses wrongly assume that they are already online simply because they have a social media (Instagram) page, even if it’s inactive,” says Jain.

According to her, the primary challenge lies in the resistance towards digital adoption amongst these businesses.

She explains, “Many believe that merely accepting cashless payments equates to digitisation. However, a legitimate fear that they harbour is the perception that going online is a highly technical, labour-intensive endeavour, which they believe they lack the resources for. Most of these enterprises operate with minimal staff, it’s often a one-person show. They consider going online a time-consuming and daunting activity, something they feel inadequately prepared for, and thus, they avoid it altogether.”

Also, many businesses often cling to the belief that their legacy automatically guarantees customer loyalty, she says.

Solution is to make it simple

Vyaparify has identified these gaps and designed a ready-to-use simple solution.

And that simple solution is their website.

“Vyaparis (businessmen) just require a device (phone, laptop or desktop) to login to the Vyaparify website, that’s it,” says Jain.

There is no need to download any kind of software or mobile app. Within 15 minutes, individuals have a single digital identity that allows them to be found online, with related services being available for a nominal monthly charge.

However, to bring businesses onboard, the Vyaparify team often has to convince MSMEs that just having a social media presence isn’t sufficient to generate visibility, particularly amongst the younger demographic. They also have to dispel the misconception that transitioning to the online sphere requires substantial time, investment, manpower, and a complete overhaul of their routines.

“We aim to persuade them that our platform extends their reach to customers through online discoverability. For this, we have launched our first module, which we consider the crucial initial step that businesses should take. We simplify the process of going digital and guide them through this transition. It’s noteworthy that once the concept has been grasped by them, nearly 60 per cent of businesses can create their own Vyaparify websites with minimal assistance from our team,” she enthuses.

Additionally, their microsite algorithm ensures that their merchants rank high on Google Search and the customer gets a powerful and impactful view of their businesses.

“We make them discoverable locally. For instance, a client can be viewed as a baker in Wadala rather than just as a baker in Mumbai. This increases business visibility and gives businesses incremental footfalls,” she adds.

Vyaparify also digitises physical business cards for SMBs. If clients download their website’s link, the merchants’ full details, as well as the platforms that they’re available on, are saved with the customer.


Future of servicing MSMEs

One of the most recent trends in the service business is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to curate and establish brands. AI has the potential to assist brands in developing their identities and establishing their businesses. Brands which automate their operations can remain competitive in the digital market by utilising AI features effectively. A one-stop shop platform is also popular in the market today, as consumers have to go to only one platform to meet all their buying needs, eliminating the burden of switching between apps and simplifying the shopping experience.

As a stakeholder in the service sector, Jain keeps tabs on these latest trends and factors them into her solutions to serve her target audience, i.e., MSMEs.

She elaborates, “Firms have shifted to service providers, and found success in terms of user base as they get more straightforward answers to a diverse set of challenges. We are keeping our eyes on both these trends.”

To make the advertising of their brand on the internet more consistent, they have considered the use of AI in their model. In fact, Vyaparify has carefully addressed all the facets of the online industry to continue to keep their MSME clients competitive.

Through a simple but effective subscription plan, this start-up is making digital adoption accessible and achievable for all MSMEs. Vyaparify is the bridge connecting traditional businesses with the digital world, offering them the tools to thrive in this dynamic ecosystem.

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