Transforming radiology with responsible AI is sparking a revolution in radiology with Responsible AI, pioneering transformative solutions like Augmento and Genki, and reshaping global healthcare with innovation and transparency.

In the dynamic sector of artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare, has emerged as a trailblazer, particularly in the field of radiology. Founded in 2017 by Dr. Amit Kharat and Ajit Patil, has not only navigated the challenges of the industry but has also spearheaded innovations that are transforming the landscape of medical imaging.

SME Futures spoke to Dr. Amit Kharat and Ajit Patil about the various innovations happening in the field of medical science, and how their company’s transformative techniques are changing the radiology landscape.

Pioneers of radiology AI

The journey of began with a visionary mission: to address the severe shortage of radiologists globally. The founders, Dr. Amit Kharat and Ajit Patil, recognised the challenges faced by the healthcare industry, including high costs, long delays, and poor patient care due to the shortage of radiologists. Thus, they embarked on a global exploration, meeting start-ups, medical experts, and technology innovators to understand the nuances of medical imaging.

Forging a path in the radiology AI landscape,’s journey unfolded with a clear mission in mind. Beyond addressing the global radiologist shortage, strategic equity partnerships and collaborations were instrumental in helping them to make their mark and leave an impact.

Strategic equity partnerships and collaborations

“The support we received from NTT DATA, Nobori Ltd., and Doctor-Net Inc. was pivotal in shaping’s journey. It’s not just about funding; it’s about aligning with partners who share our vision,” says Patil. Equity partners such as TATA Capital Healthcare Fund II and NTT DATA joined hands, reinforcing the company’s vision and credibility.’s collaboration with Shimadzu Middle East & Africa and Shimadzu Asia Pacific marked a significant milestone. Through this partnership, DeepTek’s solutions seamlessly integrated into Shimadzu devices, leveraging the robust market presence of Shimadzu as a recognised leader in the field.

DeepTek’s groundbreaking achievements

  • Augumento: Bridging gap in imaging sector

At the forefront of’s success is Augmento, a US FDA cleared radiology AI deployment platform. This groundbreaking platform represents a convergence of smart reporting and cutting-edge AI technology, optimising radiology workflows seamlessly. Augmento is not just a platform; it’s a catalyst for change in the imaging sector.

“Audit trails, transparency, and adaptability are at the core of Augmento. We wanted to create a platform that not only enhances efficiency but also builds trust in AI,” Kharat emphasises.

Augmento aims to democratise radiology by enhancing communication and reducing the time it takes to generate radiology reports. The platform connects all the players in the radiology ecosystem, slashing reporting turnaround times and providing faster insights into patient conditions. Augmento is vendor-neutral, allowing the integration of AI models into existing workflows without disruption.

The FDA clearance for Augmento is a testament to its credibility. It opens up new opportunities for innovation and improved patient care, positioning as a leader in the healthcare industry.

  • Genki: Transforming TB screening and lung health’s impact extends beyond radiology with Genki, an AI-powered lung health screening solution. In collaboration with the Greater Chennai Corporation, Genki has screened over 300,000 individuals in the ongoing TB Free initiative since 2019. The solution significantly increased the detection rate of TB patients, facilitating early identification and timely patient care.

“Genki is not just about screening; it’s about making a societal impact. By increasing the chances of finding TB patients several-fold, we’re contributing to the mission of a TB-free future,” remarks Patil.

Genki’s approval from healthcare regulatory authorities in Thailand and Kenya has further expanded its reach. The solution’s effectiveness is backed by independent evaluations, showing its performance at par with human experts. It addresses infectious diseases like TB and COVID-19, providing faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Harnessing the transformative power of AI in healthcare, has emerged as a beacon of innovation, distinguishing itself through a steadfast dedication to Responsible AI solutions.

“Responsible AI is not just a feature for us; it’s a philosophy. We want to build trust between doctors and AI results,” says Patil.

This integral feature suite within their solutions has garnered immense praise, especially in Singapore, where medical professionals appreciated the transparency and trust-building aspects of this technology.

Expansion and vision for the future operates in multiple countries, including India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, and Kenya. Their technology has been well-received across diverse markets, with Augmento adopted by the esteemed Singapore Healthtech Agency. Their strategic partnership with Synapxe has propelled Augmento into the heart of Singapore’s health system.

With the Radiology AI market growing at a remarkable CAGR, is positioned as a leader. The entire product suite has been cleared by the US FDA, and the company aims to achieve revenues surpassing US $15 million in the next two to three years. envisions leveraging AI to make radiology services more accurate, affordable, and accessible.

The brand’s vision for the coming two years includes scaling its customer base from 200 to over 1000, and expanding beyond India, Japan, and the APAC region to the USA, EU, and the Middle East. is not just a health tech start-up; it’s a driving force in reshaping the future of healthcare.

A journey of innovation and impact’s journey is one of relentless innovation, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to responsible and transparent AI. Augmento and Genki have emerged as transformative solutions, making a significant impact on patient care and healthcare providers globally. As continues to break new ground, its vision for the future promises a world where AI revolutionises radiology, making healthcare more accessible and precise for everyone.

“Our journey is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. As we continue to break new ground, our commitment to responsible AI remains unwavering. The future we envision is one where AI transforms healthcare, making it more accessible, accurate, and impactful for everyone,” says Kharat.

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