Cigarette makers moved from regular plastic to biodegradable wrapping: TII

Cigarette makers have shifted from regular plastic wrapping to biodegradable wrapping for cigarette pack overwrap, well in advance, declares TII

cigarette makers shifted to biodegradable wrapping

Cigarette makers have shifted from regular plastic wrapping to environment-friendly biodegradable wrapping for cigarette packs, well ahead of the single-use plastic ban, industry body Tobacco Institute of India said on Friday. Tobacco Institute of India (TII) also lauded the “proactive steps” taken by the government towards reducing the burden on the environment by banning certain single-use plastic items.

TII represents cigarette makers such as ITC, Godfrey Phillips India, VST Industries along with farmers, exporters and ancillaries of the cigarette segment of the tobacco industry in India.

Reports in a section of media have stated that the cigarette industry uses regular plastic wrapping for packing.

In this context, The Tobacco Institute of India wishes to clarify that its members who manufacture cigarettes had shifted from regular plastic wrapping to bio-degradable wrapping for cigarette pack overwrap well in advance.

The biodegradable material being used is compliant with the international standards and the recently released BIS Standards.

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Biodegradable plastic is environment-friendly. Biodegradation of the biodegradable plastic starts upon coming into contact with soil. This material is extremely beneficial, as it would also biodegrade naturally in landfills. The biodegradable plastic will not strain the solid waste collection and recycling system. It would also reduce costs associated with the collection of plastic waste, recycling of plastic waste, as well as industrial composting.