CAIT alleges Samsung for anti-competitive practices, complains to CCI

CAIT, apex body of traders writes to CCI alleging Samsung on anti-competitive offers. Complains of creating a void in the retail trade

CAIT alleges Samsung for anti-competitive practices, complains to CCI

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has written to the Competition Commission of India (CCI) on alleged anti-competitive offers by leading manufacturer Samsung.

The CAIT in a letter to the CCI Chairman has claimed that leading manufacturers like Samsung too have plunged into ‘anticompetitive and retail destructive’ policies like their Chinese counterparts and foreign ecommerce platforms for benefits of themselves, creating a void in the retail trade impacting the business and economy adversely.

“By indulging in all these, even after repeated triggers and requests, the brand has clearly started moving towards violating the provisions of the Competition Act, 2002, abusing its dominating position offering unequal treatment and seizing the business opportunity for its retail partners, diverting the customers on its platforms by misusing their data,” it said.

The CAIT has said that the brand after having created its business through retail has today started indulging in malpractices of anti-competitive exclusive offers to the customer directly from, forcing them to divert from the retail stores to the direct online business which has been creating a void in the market and shaking the confidence of over 1.5 lakh mobile retailers in the country.

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“The brand even after several representations in person, through mails and tweets from All India Mobile Retailers Association (AIMRA), the apex body representing the mobile retailers of the country, has failed to address and take corrective measures.

“These offers are spoiling the business of the MSME’s into this trade creating a big loss of business and huge unemployment impacting the economy as a whole,” the traders’ body said.

With the recent launch of the Galaxy S23 series, the brand has extended one-sided monopolistic treatment against the retailers by directly unmatching exclusive offerings on , diverting the customers and pulling on their own platform, CAIT said.

“We request the intervention of the CCI to take cognisance of the same by directing immediate corrections for a level playing field and a healthy progressive revenue generator retail market contributing to the economy,” read the letter issued on Tuesday.

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