Neil Banerjee

Neil Banerjee

When Neil is in the right mood, his imagination takes flight and poems flow. Being a football buff, he doesn't miss any match that features his favourite club -- Chelsea. He seeks remote places and is always keen to learn about diverse cultures. He has been associated with ANI, a leading news agency. He handled Twitter there and was also involved in subbing. For him, professional integrity is the cornerstone of success.

ARTICLES BY Neil Banerjee


Strch: India’s ‘softest’ activewear that blends comfort with style

Crisis often drives us to reinvent. When the pandemic wreaked havoc, there were many entrepreneurs who started thinking and acting innovatively. And one among them was the enterprising Prithvi Bhagat.…

17 Feb 2024


Striking balance between populism & reform: 2024 Interim Budget tightrope walk for government

The 2024 Interim Budget stands at the crossroads of India's economic trajectory, poised to influence the nation's financial landscape significantly. An interim budget, by its very nature, holds a unique…

27 Jan 2024


Unlocking growth: Anticipating the focus points of Interim Budget 2024

As the nation eagerly awaits the unveiling of the Interim Budget 2024, there is a palpable sense of anticipation and expectation in various sectors, as the government's fiscal policies and…

27 Jan 2024


Making ‘glittering’ dreams come true: A start-up that’s made precious jewellery affordable for masses

In the bustling cityscape of Delhi where dreams often collide with financial constraints, a unique start-up has emerged, aiming to rewrite the narrative of gift giving and celebrating precious moments.…

09 Jan 2024


ONDC & CBDC to be major catalysts for shaping payment industry landscape in 2024: Vishal Maru, EVP, Worldline India

Worldline India is working closely with its partners, focusing on addressing the evolving requirements of its merchants across diverse sectors. SME Futures spoke to Vishal Maru, Executive Vice President (EVP)…

09 Jan 2024


Navigating the Carbon tax conundrum: A global perspective

The global economic landscape is undergoing a seismic shift as developed nations introduce innovative mechanisms to combat climate change. At the forefront of this transformation is the Carbon Adjustment Tax,…

08 Jan 2024