Neil Banerjee

Neil Banerjee

When Neil is in the right mood, his imagination takes flight and poems flow. Being a football buff, he doesn't miss any match that features his favourite club -- Chelsea. He seeks remote places and is always keen to learn about diverse cultures. He has been associated with ANI, a leading news agency. He handled Twitter there and was also involved in subbing. For him, professional integrity is the cornerstone of success.

ARTICLES BY Neil Banerjee


Organisations falling prey to cyber-attacks due to lack of data resiliency

Data resiliency is the need of the hour and companies have now started to acknowledge this. With the marked increase in cyberattacks and ransomware cases, organisations are taking steps to…

01 Dec 2022


Why the rollout of India’s e-rupee is a milestone moment

The Indian Government's latest initiative-the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)-will help solve the various payment impediments that are routinely faced by marketers and businesses while keeping track of all the…

01 Dec 2022

What ails India's food processing industry and how it can be get shot in arm

India’s ailing food processing industry needs an urgent shot in arm

India is one of the leaders in agriculture production and its allied sectors (just behind China) in the world. Half of the population of the country depends on agriculture or…

11 Nov 2022


Instoried: Developing content that taps consumers’ emotional quotients

Words carry a lot of weight in themselves. The right set of words can earn you more than just deals. In today's world, big companies and multi-national organisations acknowledge the…

11 Nov 2022

BNPL payment Snapmint abhineet

People are switching to BNPL as its affordable and gets quality stuff

There is a growing culture of buying things online. From fashion products and headphones to high-end expensive laptops, they are all available on EMIs now. The Gen Z segment of…

28 Oct 2022


We are looking at a lot of investment in logistics infra, says Elixia founder Mihir Ravani

Elixia realises this and is working on advanced supply chain solutions with the help of AI and ML to conquer the logistics market. SME Futures spoke to its founder Mihir…

28 Oct 2022