Anushruti Singh

Anushruti Singh

Anushruti Singh

Anushruti is a principal correspondent at Post her professional education in science and journalism, Anushruti has extensively worked in business and technology journalism space. She is avid socialite and loves networking and writes on variety of subjects.

ARTICLES BY Anushruti Singh

Are we really ready to deal with the single-use plastic menace this time around?

Are we prepared to stop the plastic menace?

Plastics don’t really break down. They just break up into micro pieces. That’s why, only 9 per cent of single-use plastics get recycled, while the remaining float in the air,…

25 May 2022

Motherhood helped me in a big way-Tanuja Sodhi

Motherhood has helped me in a big way: Tanuja Sodhi

Tanuja Sodhi has just come back from a trek when she joins me on the call that we had scheduled earlier. I could not help noticing that even after just…

08 May 2022

Sidharth Rawat-Exly

The creator economy is helping support small businesses: Sidharth Rawat, Exly

A new market for creators has emerged as a result of the convergence of storytelling, creativity, and the internet. We call it the creator or the influencer economy. Even though…

02 May 2022

Tanaz Buhariwalla-IDA Ireland

FDI trends: Companies choosing to invest in new markets seek stability

The data says that foreign direct investments in India have gone down in the past two years. In the calendar year 2021, total FDI inflow to India declined to $74.01…

02 May 2022

Cracks in cotton community

Indian cotton community gets tangled over import duty

India is the largest producer of cotton among its peers—China, US and Brazil and produces about 6,188,000 tonnes of it per year. Due to the versatility of this lightweight fibre…

02 May 2022

The Indian footwear industry Walking on eggshells

The Indian footwear industry: Walking on eggshells

Casual, colourful, chic or comfortable.   One can define footwear using many adjectives. And everyone has their own preferences. India especially, is known for the wide variety of footwear that can…

23 Apr 2022