Anushruti Singh

Anushruti Singh

Anushruti is a principal correspondent at Post her professional education in science and journalism, Anushruti has extensively worked in business and technology journalism space. She is avid socialite and loves networking and writes on variety of subjects.

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Indian MSMEs have lot of unmet demand for data management solutions: Michael Chang, Synology

Ever since the pandemic has changed the way that business is conducted, more Indian firms are adopting IT solutions in various forms. Given that we live in a rapidly digitising…

03 Dec 2022

India's G20 Presidency

India’s G20 presidency: A great opportunity

On December 1, India formally assumed the G20 presidency. The G-20 logo was specially illuminated on 100 centrally protected monuments, including UNESCO world heritage sites. During this year's presidency, India…

03 Dec 2022


The pre-owned tractor market is a $10 billion market: Animesh Agarwal, Co-founder, Tractor Junction

The Indian tractor market is the world's second largest, accounting for one-third of global production. China and the United States of America are the world's other major tractor markets. Due…

03 Dec 2022


Women—Money wise or otherwise?

What is the difference between having a steady Income and financial independence? At the most fundamental level, earning money enables and empowers women to feel more confident and more secure about…

01 Dec 2022


The no-code revolution is here!

We know that coding has always been an integral part of technology, without any exception. But times are changing. And tech evangelists are now talking about no-code. This is a…

01 Dec 2022

bisleri is getting acquired

Bisleri is getting acquired

Veteran industrialist Ramesh Chauhan is selling Bisleri. When asked if he is selling his Bisleri Business, Ramesh Chauhan answered in the affirmative. "Yes. We are," he told PTI. According to…

24 Nov 2022