A good ecosystem is being developed for MSMEs in Uttar Pradesh: President

UP has made a special contribution to the economic development of the country in the last over six years, says President Droupadi Murmu

President Murmu inaugrating UITS

Lauding the unwavering dedication of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in providing consistent “energy” and “direction” to the progress of Uttar Pradesh, President Droupadi Murmu expressed her belief that this trade show will undoubtedly mark a significant milestone in the state’s developmental journey.

Addressing the first Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show at the India Expo Center and Mart in Greater Noida, the President said, “I congratulate all the participants of the Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show. This dedicated initiative to showcase the products of Uttar Pradesh both within the country and on the international stage is truly commendable. My sincere appreciation goes out to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and his dedicated team.”

The President further emphasised that this grand event featured participation from over 2000 manufacturers, encompassing not only established industrial giants but also budding entrepreneurs and representatives from various embassies. This will play a pivotal role in successfully promoting the state’s products on the global stage.

Praising the remarkable progress made by Uttar Pradesh, the President said, “UP has made a special contribution to the economic development of the country in the last over six years. The GDP of UP has increased from Rs 13 lakh crore in 2016-17 to Rs 22 lakh crore. This achievement of economic growth is undoubtedly commendable.”

In recent years, UP has taken new steps in the field of economic development and investment. As a result of simplifying investment and ease of doing business and accelerating infrastructure development, UP has today become the fastest growing economy in the country, the President continued.

The President emphasized that today India is the fifth largest economy in the world, and is determined to soon become the third largest economy in the world. “UP has resolved to take its economy to one trillion dollars. UP and its people will contribute significantly to India’s goal of becoming a 5 trillion-dollar economy.”

Pointing out that a good ecosystem is being developed for MSMEs in UP, Droupadi Murmu said, “UP ranks first among all the states in the country with 96 lakh MSME units. Despite being a landlocked state, the state’s exports are continuously increasing. The state’s exports have increased from Rs 88,000 crore in 2017-18 to Rs 1.75 lakh crore. This is the result of the hard work and ability of the entrepreneurs of the state.”

Regarding the recently organised G-20 conference in the state, the President said, “The entire world community is impressed by the success of the recent G-20 conference. Various G-20 summits were held in Agra, Lucknow, Varanasi and Greater Noida in UP. Indeed, there is no doubt that this trade show will undoubtedly achieve great success.”

The President further said, “G20 accounts for 85 percent of the world’s total GDP and 75 percent of trade. The declaration adopted unanimously in the G-20 conference includes the goals of local value creation under Unlocking Trade for Growth and identifying the challenges faced by MSMEs and connecting MSMEs at the international level. More than 400 buyers from various countries of the world are participating in this trade show. I am confident that the UP International Trade Show will advance our national and international priorities in line with the goals of the G-20.”

Highlighting the ODOP (One District One Product) scheme, the President stated that the display of ‘one product from one district’ of the state in this event is commendable. Along with products based on handicrafts, young entrepreneurs of the state, especially women entrepreneurs, are showcasing their products.

The President also highlighted women’s participation, saying, “It is a good thing that women’s participation in entrepreneurship is increasing. It still needs to be increased further. The display of 54 GI products from the state is also being presented at this trade show. I appreciate presenting such products to buyers from India and abroad. This trade show will prove to be a milestone in the development journey of UP.”

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