44% Indian developers tend to leave their job, this year

According to the survey, the reasons for Indian developers’ resignations are consistent, and the process of attracting and retaining talent has evolved

Developers resignation

According to a survey by DigitalOcean, 44 per cent of India-based software developers are considering leaving their jobs this year, compared to 42 per cent globally. In India, 32 per cent of developers who have been in the workforce for over a year, have started a new job this year, and 44 per cent of those who haven’t been considering it.

“Attracting and retaining developer talent is evolving rapidly and companies need to adapt to the new landscape,” said Gabe Monroy, Chief Product Officer at DigitalOcean. “Businesses need to better understand developers and give them the tools, benefits, and pay they need to be successful — business survival in the digital era depends on it.”

According to the report, motivations for leaving jobs are consistent among both, those who have already left and those considering leaving, with compensation, remote or flexible work environments, and better benefits being the top factors that motivate people to leave jobs, especially for younger developers.

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The survey reports that 27 per cent of developers who have been working for more than a year, and one in five among those having experience of more than 15 years, have started a new job in the past year. 

However, 18 per cent of the respondents cited a lack of time and resources to work on projects as also a key challenge, while 11 per cent mentioned team members leaving as a challenge, demonstrating that the developer talent shortage is impacting even those who stay in their roles. 

The report also identifies compensation and desire for fully remote or more flexible work environments as the top reasons developers are thinking about quitting, or already have.

Other key trends:

• Job satisfaction among developers may be low, but entrepreneurship is high. As, 8 per cent of developers who have left or going to leave are doing so to start their own companies.

• Developers are turning to the open-source community as, 56 per cent of respondents have participated in open-source projects in the past year, and it has increased during the pandemic. 

• Developers are not buying into Web3/blockchain hype as, despite the buzz around blockchain and Web3 technologies, 67 per cent of developers do not use blockchain/Web3 yet. They also have mixed opinions about low-code — developers. 

• Feelings in India are more favourable towards low-code and no-code tools As, 23 per cent say they make their job easier, and 18 per cent say they allow them to focus on more important tasks. Just 15 per cent say these tools are overhyped. 

• A slightly higher percentage in India are using or planning to use blockchain technologies and automation (AI/ML). 55 per cent of those in India compared to 33 per cent in the total sample are already using blockchain technology. 

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This survey asked over 2,500 respondents all identified as having technical roles, including front end, back end, and full-stack developers, system administrators, DevOps specialists, and more.

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