1 in 2 employers keen on hiring in April-June as India reopens: Report

Employers are eager on hiring in the April-June quarter, according to a survey conducted by TeamLease Services, now that Indian employees have returned to the workplace

employers keen on hiring in India

As India reopens, more than 54 per cent of the employers have expressed their intent to hire in the April-June quarter – 4 per cent higher than the previous quarter, a new report showed on Tuesday.

Out of the 21 sectors reviewed in the country, 16 indicated keenness to hire.
The IT sector (95 per cent of the employers keen to hire) was followed by educational services (86 per cent), e-commerce and technology startups (81 per cent), and healthcare and pharmaceuticals (78 per cent), according to people supply chain company TeamLease Services.

“While the overall growth in intent may be moderate, more than 14 per cent of the sectors have indicated a double-digit growth indicating that the modest approach will soon taper off and the appetite to scale up manpower will grow significantly,” said Rituparna Chakraborty, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, TeamLease Services.

The report also gave a detailed view of the attrition trends as it plays an important role in business growth.

As per the report, attrition still seems to be on a rise across most sectors compared to the previous quarter.

While the hiring intent in the metro and tier-1 cities has grown from 73 per cent in the previous quarter to 83 per cent in the current quarter, tier-2 cities are not far behind.

The hiring intent in tier-2 cities will see a rise from 48 per cent to 55 per cent in the quarter, said the report.

“Bengaluru (91 per cent of the employers keen on hiring) and Chennai (78 per cent) are continuing their bull run. But when it comes to growth, Mumbai has recorded a 17 per cent growth over last quarter in the hiring intent,” the findings showed.

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